Yorkshire Innovation – So Much More than Flat Caps and Whippets

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Yorkshire Innovation – So Much More than Flat Caps and Whippets

When you ask anyone from outside of Yorkshire about the place, the images conjured will be that of a Flat Cap, Whippet or Compo from “Last of the Summer Wine” whilst partially accurate we have a much richer heritage.

A Hotspot For Growth And Innovation

Yorkshire has delivered so much more and still has more to offer. For many, the belief is that the region could become the UK’s next hotspot for technology and innovation. The Yorkshire Post recently reported that the region has seen a steady increase in the number of technology companies growing and achieving success.

The region has and is still investing heavily in its ability to attract and develop its digital infrastructure, this is to ensure it can compete, not only with other UK cities and regions but also on the international stage.

We live in a proud region that has suffered and rebuilt itself on numerous occasions, and this time the focus for the future is looking to be innovation and technology.

To support this, Super-Fast Connected Yorkshire and the EU Regional Development Fund are currently offering funding to businesses across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire to improve Digital Capabilities. The scheme is designed to boost the regional economy, and give local businesses the tools needed to compete on the international stage. The project is also jointly funded by Sheffield City Region LEP, the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) Fund, BT and Sheffield City Region European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

A “Digital Voucher”  Scheme To Boost Business Growth

The scheme is split into two different voucher offers, but businesses can only claim one, so it’s probably worth talking with someone prior to committing to either.

Connection Vouchers –  Offering Funding Between £500 and £2500.

Designed to help businesses grow by funding access to faster broadband and leased lines – funding up to 50% of the costs.

Innovation Vouchers  – Offering Funding Between £2500 and £12,499.

These are designed to help increase capability and support investment in IT and Technology to fuel innovation and help create new business opportunities. This includes the purchase of new IT hardware, computers and software to get the business in shape. The Innovation Vouchers also have a much higher claim threshold, with businesses able to get up to £12,499 towards qualifying projects.

You Can Find Out About Your Eligibility and the Scheme Here.

To qualify for funding there are a range of criterion, but in simple terms, if you meet the below you could be eligible;

  • Your main office is within the South York’s area (see map for more information)
  • You have less than 250 employees
  • You turnover less than 50m Euro
  • You are a business to business organisation
  • Applicants must fund 50% of the project balance/cost
  • Funds can only be used for acquisition of assets – not against leasing or recurring fees


This scheme delivers a great opportunity for regional businesses of all sizes to invest and grow whilst receiving a significant amount of funding to support.


Download our Voucher Scheme FAQ’s >>

Always Leading Innovation – Some Lesser-known facts About Yorkshire

As Yorkshire folk, we are very proud of our home, and the steadfast nature of the region, that has seen us climb out of some very harsh economic times. In pulling this blog together I also discovered some lesser known facts about our region, which you may find surprising. (also, good for dropping into conversation at dinner parties)

The world’s first pilot George Cayley was a Yorkshire man and flew some 50 years before the Wright Brothers
In 1888, Louis Le Prince made the first moving picture filming traffic crossing Leeds bridge, shot from number 19 Bridge End.
Yorkshire’s Rhubarb triangle (Leeds, Bradford, and Wakefield) once produced 90% of the world’s farmed Rhubarb.
Sheffield FC is the worlds oldest football club, established in 1857, the match played against Hallam FC in 1860 is the oldest recorded Derby match by the Football Association.
 Yorkshire Innovation and genius

Download our Short Guide to the Voucher Scheme >>


If you would like to find out more about the Digital Voucher Scheme visit our dedicated website – www.digitalfunding.co.uk  or call us on 0114 361 0086 and we will be happy to let you know more.