Yahoo Admits Data Breach


Yahoo Admits Data Breach

Yahoo have admitted that, back in 2014, 500m Yahoo accounts were hacked.

Because of this BT and Sky have advised customers that have not changed account passwords post December 2014 to change them as soon as possible, this is because both emails and some BT email accounts are powered by Yahoo. Alongside this they are also advising that members update their security questions.

“BT is currently investigating the Yahoo data breach,” it said in a statement. “As a precaution for the minority of our customers who use Yahoo mail, we are advising those who haven’t changed their passwords post-December 2014 to change them.”


What can you do to help yourself?

When it comes to passwords the more frequent the changes the better. To keep it realistic we recommend changing your account and login passwords every couple of months. For things like emails and service accounts like Sky or BT you should contact your supplier to find our how to change these. All organisations, and especially the larger higher profile ones like BT, Sky, Yahoo and Google are constantly getting attacked by hackers. Most of the time the attacks never breach their security. it is however, better to be safe rather than sorry, using strong passwords and keeping security questions up to date helps.

The article my colleague published earlier this year goes into more detail and is well worth a read!

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By Lewis Wilkinson.