What we’ve done and our plans for COVID-19

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What we’ve done and our plans for COVID-19

A Message For Our Clients


Dear Client,

We have been facing unprecedented challenges during the last couple of weeks, and our teams have been working hard to ensure we can continue to deliver and help with what you need at this challenging time.

In the last week we have:
  • Given away over 1000 remote working licences.
  • Set up hundreds of VPN’s to allow remote working.
  • Successfully invoked our system continuity and remote working plan.
  • Written scripts to allow server rule changes to speed up remote working.
  • Liaised with over 50 other IT companies, shared best practice and tips, to ensure we can get clients through these difficult days. (It was good to find out we were ahead of many other companies on this).
  • Seen an increase of over 400% in daily calls to our helpdesk.
  • Sent “Remote Working” guides to over 2000 companies.
  • We’ve also helped a number of non-client businesses get on track for remote working.


This week we’re going to:
  • Continue to support and help guide our clients as much as we can and wherever we can.
  • Continue to supply free remote working licences for all clients who need them and continue to provide over £5000 a months worth of remote licences for clients who already have them for as long as they need them.
  • Release a guide on home working productivity and staying sane.
  • Review measures and tools that can help our clients be productive.
  • Continue to look at ways we can help our clients steer their businesses through these uncharted waters.

IT companies are amongst the keyworkers assisting our countries continuity plan and each day brings new challenges and learnings. It’s unknown territory for all of us, and we want to reassure you that we are by your side and will help whenever and wherever we can.

We need to help each other and especially during times like these so even if you aren’t a client, feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe and thank you for your business.

Kind regards, Mark Kindred.

Managing Director