Have a Belter of a Bank Holiday With These Barmy Bank Holiday Traditions

Have a Belter of a Bank Holiday With These Barmy Bank Holiday Traditions

Bank holidays, a time for fun and enjoyment, but best of all, not having to get up at half six in the morning, jumping on the half seven bus and still only just making it to work on time. These days are a teat to be savoured, and it can sometimes be hard to know what to do, to make the most of such a momentous day.

We are however, rather fortunate to have a range of strange, wacky and downright bizarre events on everywhere in the country. Many places in the UK still retain some zany traditions, that are a lot of fun to attend (especially on a lazy bank holiday Monday!)

Occasionally we all need a little bit of weird wonderfulness in our lives, so to help you find yours here are a few events that may interest you.

It Support Blog, PolaroidCheese Rolling

This popular Gloucestershire event attracted 3000 spectators last year. It’s great fun, but also looks to be incredibly dangerous. It could almost be considered an extreme sport as people come thundering down a 1:2 gradient hill trying to catch a roll of Cheese! Inevitably many people end up tumbling down towards the finish, covered in mud, bruises and the odd broken limb. However, this dangerous local tradition continues to pull in huge crowds and participants. So why not roll on down to Coopers Hill, Crier Gloucestershire for great costumes, lots of falling over and of course cheese.

It Support Sheffield BlogWater Football

The clue about this remarkable happening is in the name, basically its football in a river. Two sides battle it out in somewhat wet conditions, but for the 30-minute splash it’s all or nothing. Lots of spectators come down to the River Windrush in the Costwolds to support their local teams or to pop in for a cool down from the August heat. This event has taken place every year for the last 100 years and there is no chance of this stopping anytime soon. why not don the bikini or budgie smugglers and give it a try? PS. Might be worth taking a waterproof.

Server Support SheffieldWell Dressing

Streams and brooks bubble and  gurgle their way through the undulating hills of beautiful Derbyshire, cutting through villages adorned with old brick barns, character cottages and for many a local well.However, it may not always look like any ordinary well, it could be decorated form head to toe. This is a tradition that goes back hundreds of years as locals decorate wells around the area. So, if you take a walk in Derbyshire over a Bank holiday and come across a well it may be a lot more colourful than you may expect.

IT Support DerbyshireKnob Throwing

The best of the best ‘Biscuit athletes’ head to Dorset every year to compete in this highly prized competition. After months and years of preparation and muscles poised, they launch missiles in the form of Knobs of Dorset bread as far as they can. This event was originally a way of raising money for local sports facilities in the area. The unique biscuit that they use was originally baked by the Moores family since 1880.  Bringing the community together and creating an enjoyable day has really worked and hopefully brings in Dough for good causes! (like what I did there)


If you’re stuck debating what to do and the only options look like another walk around DFS or a trip to Homebase! Stop and consider these wonderful events, there are many local weird and wonderful events up and down the country and one may be closer than you think.

I myself, am now off to jump the local bog.