Ways to Increase your Laptop Battery Life


Ways to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

4 small steps which will incease your laptop or tablets battery ‘on time’

For many out there working out of the office is vital for their Job role but they still need access to a computer. The obvious choice of this is of course a laptop or notebook. The problem with this is that the charge held in the laptop is limited and if you are only in the office for a flying visit in the morning and afternoon, that charge has to last all day.

  1. Turn down Screen Brightness

    Turning down the brightness of you screen will reduce the amount of power required for the display. With some more modern laptops there is even the ability for adaptive brightness. This cleaver feature changes the brightness of your screen automatically depending on the ambient light level.

  2. Disable Unused Devices

    Most Laptops these days have built in Bluetooth and WiFi adapters, if you aren’t using them they are just eating up your charge. Usually there is a key on the keyboard of the laptop that can be used to toggle the state of the device, these are usually located on the “F#” keys at the top.

  3. Automatically turn off the display

    For most of us we don’t look at the computer screen all the time while working so the screen doesn’t always need to be on. In Windows’ power settings there is the option to automatically turn off the display after a specified time. Setting this setting to be as little time as is comfortable for how you work will mean that the display isn’t taking all the power away when you’re not even looking at it.

  4. Set the Computer to Sleep when not in use

    Setting your laptop to automatically sleep after a certain time is a great way to reserve power. Sleep mode limits the functions running on the computer therefore using less power. Once in sleep mode the computer will seem as if it is turned off but drawing enough power to keep a record of what was running before hand. When you Wake it back up again it will be just as you left it.

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