Try a Little Tenderness, Love and Technology

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Try a Little Tenderness, Love and Technology

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. From the way we communicate to one another to how we order food and even how we pay for our wildest desires.

One of the biggest changes that has come with the evolution of technology is its impact on our private lives. Instantly being able to meet someone within seconds and start a conversation and maybe even take it further…. In contrast we are constantly being reminded and exposed to the social status of every other person we know and sometimes this knowledge doesn’t even stay personal or exclusive to friends and can be obtained by anyone.

Online Tech company Wired, conducted and released research on relationships and how technology has changed the way we interact with one another.

It’s no surprise that more and more people are meeting each other online on dating websites and apps such as Tinder and POF. Be warned the success of finding a soul mate that meets your every requirement is varied.

Some are wanting flings and others long term relationships that in many cases, have resulted in marriage. Quite a success for dating with technology. However, many people use these apps for, in a better term, “casual relationships”.

Many of the people who look for love online don’t intend it leading to anything too serious, and just enjoy the easy interaction between people. With technology advancing this could be more and more common but so are the risks of being exposed or compromised are every greater. (remember the Ashley Madison hack)

Technology has already integrated into almost every single aspect of modern life it makes sense for it to be so involved in our personal relationships and culture in general.

Shaming the Lonely with Data

Although, advances in technology corporately may have led to your personal life being more exposed than you think. The BBC reported on a Company named Revolut using the data they had on their customers to publicly out and “Single shame” them. They were able to establish how many of their customers were single. This was done by looking at buying patterns and data mapping and its amazing just how much of your private life is available online.

Whether you have love are looking for love you can be assured that 24/7 365 days a year Your devices will help you find, connect and nurture your love life, and who knows in years to come walk with you down the aisle.

From all of us at Netcom, we hope you find love and have a fulfilled life.

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