Top Manufacturing Technology Trends for 2019

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Top Manufacturing Technology Trends for 2019

Technology has undoubtedly helped to evolve manufacturing, making it more efficient and even more profitable. Automation, Robots, IOT and even 3D printing have contributed to the continued success of the manufacturing sector. VR and AR could also have a huge impact on the industries future. We don’t know what could be next but here are a few trends we are seeing.

IOT and connectivity

One Trend that will be huge in manufacturing this year is the use of the IOT (Internet of things) and connectivity. Interconnection between multiple devices such as phones, laptops, computers and tablets is great, as smarter and more efficient ways of working has allowed manufacturers to reach a variety of goals; Cost reduction, Better safety, increased productivity, compliance and even product innovation.

Using ever faster connectivity and the power of cloud computing IOT solutions and devices can really make an impact. In fact, around 63% of manufacturers believe that applying IoT to products will increase profitability over the next five years and are set to invest $267 billion in IoT by 2020. That is a ridiculous amount!!

With inter-connectivity between multiple devices, manufacturers will be able to track all processes anytime from anywhere regardless of location as long as they have internet access. In addition, nearly a third of all production processes already incorporate smart devices into their business. In addition, Similar percentages of manufacturers that have a company strategy implemented or in place to apply IoT technologies to their processes (34%) or to embed IoT technologies into products (32%).

So, it seems like IOT will be a huge trend for manufacturers this year and probably for the next few, using it to drive efficiency and profitability.

IOT, Connected Devices, IT, Technology, Managed ServicesIntegrated Systems

Integration and centralised, digital platforms are becoming a key focus in manufacturing and is at the heart of the future for industry.  Having a single  integrated and centralised platform, will give manufacturers the ability to have insight over a multitude of aspects within  their operations. Systems will be able to deliver a real time and in-depth view over their operations, schedules, equipment maintenance and even inventory making it a more efficient to track everything.

In fact, with an integrated system, manufacturers will be able to manage and monitor almost every part of their business very precisely. Manufacturers are already driving towards this goal of using systems to boost efficiency and precision and it could be possible that we see an age where digital operation’s take over.

In an effort to streamline operation’s the IDC (International data corporation), report that  more than half of all companies will be “digitally determined” by the end of the year. We also have had first hand experience on how success integration can be for our clients. So, it seems that digitisation is the way forward so don’t lag behind.

Cyber Security

Of course, we have talked about Cyber Security a lot here at Netcom and the importance it should have in business.

For a long time, certain industries including Manufacturing have been behind. With risks at all-time highs the industry has been  adopting this security mindset, making it a key trend for 2019 and rightfully so!! Manufacturers and industry leaders seem to be investing into cyber security and it  goes without saying as companies become more digitally reliant, that more security is needed.

New technology will deliver massive advantages for businesses, but needs to be measured with equal thoughts and investment in the right protection and contingency plans should disaster strike. Having an operation down is a costly exercise.

In fact, the Government are actively pushing all companies (many manufacturing companies), to be Cyber essentials Certified by 2021. Which means it could be important for even more manufacturers to start investing and securing the future of industry. It’s no surprise that in terms of investment and focus Cyber Security is a key trend for 2019.

It, CyberSecurity, TechnologyRobots

“Robots” are not essentially new in manufacturing, especially in recent years. But the world of robotics is constantly evolving becoming better and more efficient. Robots are now able to complete more complex jobs and processes than ever before and are  able to work capably without human intervention.

We can only hope they don’t develop too far to the point of a robot rebellion against human oppressors. But all joking aside, the total number of industrial robots worldwide is expected to reach up to 2.6million this year. That’s almost 1 million more than 4 years ago and will be worth up to £4bn pounds.

What To Watch?

Aside from the confusion and complexity of our current political situation, it seems like its going to be a very exciting year for manufacturing and it will be intriguing to see where it ends up by 2020.

Companies adopting technology will benefit hugely from these changes , potentially increasing their efficiency and profitability. As technology grows so does manufacturing, which has been true since the industrial revolution.

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