The problem with Legacy Applications

The Problem With Legacy Applications

In the previous article we explored Legacy applications, discovered what they are, and how your essential apps – unfortunately, become Legacy. The challenges they pose in the modern world of work are many, so let’s explore some now.


The operational challenges

A lack of modern practice

Technology is always evolving, and compliance regulations are always updating and changing. Using Legacy applications will force you to live in the past – your organisation may operate with a forward-thinking ethos and values, but this is pointless if your tools are dated. Of course, not installing new updates also leaves gaps that prevent your workforce from performing to the best of their abilities.

Lack of knowledge around the app

More than likely, implementation of the Legacy app took place a long time ago – there is a strong possibility that any expertise you had in your organisation regarding that app is now practically non-existent. The average age of the workforce has become a lot younger, but those younger team members have likely never have used the app and without guidance won’t be able to use it to its full potential.

A lack of support

As we already explained, without support the apps won’t reap the benefits from updates. People assume that updates are to improve functionality, but in actual fact they are to fix stability issues, bugs, and the security vulnerabilities which the app has developed over time, and ensure that the app is safe to use again once the update has been implemented. The protection gained from updates is your barrier to stop cyber criminality; without it your system could become a target.

Lack of compliance

Using Legacy applications may also lead you to fall short of your legal compliance obligations. All governing bodies have rules around storing and processing personal identifiable information. Continuing to use a Legacy app is in itself unlawful, because you know you aren’t behaving compliantly or safely.

Lack of remote access

Remote working has been on the rise for some time now. In the past remote working was a luxury reserved for the boss, but in the modern world it has become normal service for entire teams. The remote workers need access to all the vital data and tools that make their job possible when in the office, but the Legacy apps you rely on in the workplace can be impossible to convert to work efficiently in a remote setting or, if it is possible, the expense can be huge.


The technical challenges

Lack of security

When support stops so do patches/updates. Cyber security should be at the very top of your business concerns in the modern world. Once patches stop the risk of an attack being successful rises exponentially as the app has no way of defending itself. This puts your data at substantial risk, and when your data is at risk things can quickly get out of hand, because this jeopardises your ability to remain compliant and maintain your reputation with clients.

Lack of backup

Backups are essential. You must have the ability to restore data and maintain continuity of operations. In the modern age businesses can’t afford to stop operating for a few hours or they risk losing business and their client base. If a business defining problem arose that stopped you working as efficiently as you normally do, whatever it may be, you will have no way of accessing backups of your data elsewhere, and this means that operations must stop in their tracks, which is potentially disastrous for your business.

You must use updated versions of apps wherever possible; Legacy apps pose more problems than they are worth.



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