The key terms and buzz phrases for a good remote working environment

The world of IT can be a minefield to manoeuvre if inexperienced. Many business owners are spending time trawling the internet looking for tools to improve their remote working environment, to no fruition. Unfortunately many don’t have any idea what they are looking for; most blogs and websites use abbreviations and acronyms expecting readers to know what these things mean. IT and the Cloud are becoming a more and more integral part of our daily lives, with the advancements in technology it is estimated that by 2030 each person will own 15 internet-connected devices.¹ IT and the Cloud can create an infrastructure that allows your business to function at 100% productivity 100% of the time. If you use the correct tools available.


A glossary of terms and things to look out for regarding IT and Cloud infrastructure

There are three main Cloud infrastructure acronyms to know, all of which are subscription-based:

  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service
  • SaaS – Software as a Service
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service

And another subscription-based service available but not very widely used is:

  • HaaS – Hardware as a Service

Now let’s explore these in more detail and get a better understanding of where they may stand in your business.



Infrastructure as a Service is a computing infrastructure, that is managed over the internet. A Cloud computing service provider manages the infrastructure and you purchase, install, and manage your software.



Software as a Service is a software tools distribution model where a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the internet via a subscription-based model. Examples of these are Microsoft Office and Microsoft Teams, available as a part of the Microsoft 365 cloud suite. You pay for access to the latest software versions and their associated cloud services for storage, security and collaboration.



Platform as a Service is a type of Cloud computing that offers a platform to clients, enabling them to run and manage certain applications of their own without having to maintain the infrastructure behind it all.



Hardware as a Service is a business model where companies provide you with your computing hardware, but on subscription (as an OpEx – operational expenditure model, rather than the traditional CapEx – capital expenditure model).


There are a few key features of the Cloud infrastructure worth remembering:

Where is it stored? – Checking where your data is stored is important, data should not be transferred outside of the UK unless sufficient legal protection is in place.

Does it allow integrations? – Checking if your choice of SaaS, for example, allows integration will allow for a cleaner easier workplace. Microsoft Teams is a SaaS, it offers a one-stop-shop for chat, video conferencing, file sharing, online meetings, and many more. It is the IT definition of integration.

Is it familiar? – It can be productive to use a platform, software, and hardware that is as familiar as possible whilst using the tech to its full potential. If staff know their way around a particular piece of hardware/ software it would make sense, when they begin working remotely, to make it as similar to what they know as possible. Training employees out of the work setting can be difficult.

How complex is the migration? – Checking with the provider how troublesome the transition to the new infrastructure is, can be important. You could discover it isn’t cost-effective, the plan doesn’t meet your needs, or it wouldn’t suit your staff team.

Understanding basic terminology can assist you in making decisions in the best interest of your business.


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