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Planning for Business Continuity – Part Two: Backup Considerations

Have you ever considered whether your backup storage would require a backup? This is an important question to consider when drafting a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Data and files are often backed up digitally and stored on physical servers or local storage devices in most organisations. However, such isolated backup solutions present a number of challenges. Having a single backup physical device increases the risk of physical disasters and accidental damage. Additionally, you may have difficulty scaling up or down your storage requirements and maintaining up-to-date backups. As these basic file-based backups are constrained to a physical device, you also have to contend with access limitations.

With the advent of cloud storage and backup solutions, most of the hassles associated with traditional backup solutions were eliminated. Disaster recovery and cloud backup solutions help you store data safely in remote locations. Their features include secured remote access, up-to-date security updates, easy scaling up and down for storage requirements, and convenient backup management. Backups can be scheduled, restore points can be easily selected, and business continuity can be maintained with few interruptions.

Is the Cloud the best solution to ensure business continuity?

No, of course not. Data loss can occur even when you use cloud services for backups due to unexpected security incidents, data corruption, data breaches, and damage to cloud servers.

The traditional backup solution is isolated from the wider network, which protects against cyber attacks. However, it is inefficient regarding operational efficiency and cost reduction. Alternatively, cloud backup solutions are efficient, affordable, and convenient, but they aren’t foolproof when it comes to ensuring business continuity. Business continuity plans should find the right balance between traditional backups and cloud backups.

For your cloud solutions, you will need strong SaaS protection features and a plan that makes the most of both local and cloud backups. The right expertise and understanding of your business model are crucial to writing such comprehensive data protection and recovery plans.


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