Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager CRM for Office 365

Outlook Customer Manager.

Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager CRM for Office 365

As a provider of initiative support and systems Netcom is always on the lookout for new systems to help our customers. One of the main difficulties for any business is managing their customers, CRM systems make this a lot easier.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one that we love but implementing this can be quite an involved task that not all businesses have the resources for. Smaller businesses don’t have the resources or time to dedicate to configuring Dynamics.

Why Should the size of you business stop you providing excellent customer experience?

It shouldn’t is the answer! Microsoft have noted this and created Outlook Customer Manager CRM. Microsoft Outlook Customer Manager is specifically designed for Small Businesses that are starting to get a customer base and need a tool to help them provide the best experience to their customers with as little configuration as possible.

There are lots of reasons to get excited about Outlook Customer Manager if you are a growing business:

  1. If you have Office 365 Business Premium Outlook Customer Manager it’s free.
  2. It automatically tracks customer relationships and provides insights, with no complex setup
  3. It’s built into Outlook, the Office 365 email app, so your customer knowledge and reminders are always at hand

A quick video from Microsoft about Outlook Customer Manager:

For a Small Business this is just the ticket for managing customers and that important relationship.

For A Small Business which is the best choice?

If you are just starting off in the world of CRM and management of customer relationships which should you choose, Dynamics CRM or Outlook Customer Manager?

These systems have little difference in price being free withOffice 365 dependent on which version you have so are great choices compared to standalone CRMs.

The feature that makes a difference between Dynamics CRM and Outlook Customer Manager is the setup and use, Outlook Customer manager is Automated which is great for Small Business that can’t afford to spend resources involved in the Setup of Dynamics CRM.

You can get the most out of your CRM too just like these big names who use Dynamics :TGI Fridays, TATA Steel just to name a few.

Kick off your CRM Journey with a free trial of Office 365

With Netcom you’re never alone and there’s no gamble with a free trial of Office 365.

Call our team to find out more, we can give you expert advice, plus a free Office 365 trial that includes setup, data migration, and support.


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