Empower your team with modern-day technology.

Remote working brings a host of age-old challenges with modern-day twists. Businesses are facing productivity issues, difficulty in adapting to flexible working and most critically; security and data access problems.


Remote collaboration has proven more difficult than anticipated. With the quick turn around over 6 months ago, we’re deep into a new digital working world. An ever-evolving business landscape that has required businesses to continually adapt their offering and operations in response to ever-changing restrictions on working life.

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The way we all work is constantly undergoing change. Your workforce demand more flexibility and your clients demand more integration & visibility; all while you’re striving to achieve greater efficiency and resiliency.

Challenges of our new working world.

Adapting to change

Businesses have struggled to adapt, thrive or even survive these last 6 months.

Data Security

With data access and security out of your control, can you ensure data protection?

Remote Collaboration

With your team far apart, what tools are you using to ensure productivity and efficiency?

Team Performance

With sudden changes to the workplace, are you confident in your teams ability?

Solving those challenges.


Adapting your business by taking the path of digital transformation, will allow you not only survive today’s challenges but thrive on tomorrow’s opportunities.


> People.

Empower your team by embracing flexible modern working arrangements, on any device, anywhere; without sacrificing visibility, control and security.


> Data.

Centralise data of all types on the cloud. Permit flexible controlled access across any device, anywhere without the risk of data loss, theft or misuse.


> Compliance.

Enforce compliance with both regulatory and company rules by applying for data access and sharing controls. Control who has access, and apply sensitivity labels so that more sensitive data is subject to extra protections.


> Communication.

Bring together voice, video and text-based communication, whether between internal or external stakeholders of all types, into one place.


> Accountability.

Keep your team on-task by disseminating tasks, projects and information; while tracking progress and output in a central cloud-based suite.

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    How Netcom can help you

    If you are looking for a friendly, secure and stable IT company for your evolving business, Netcom are the go-to strategic technology partner for you.

    Data & File Storage

    Securely store, work on and share your files in a controlled way from the cloud, across any device with the foundation of Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint.


    Work together and communicate live with every stakeholder in your workflow more easily than ever before, whether a colleague, client or supplier, with the power of Microsoft SharePoint and Teams.

    Manage Projects

    Easily track and manage the accountability of your team members and keep everyone focused on their tasks and projects, whether inside Microsoft To Do, Planner or Project.


    Remove duplication of effort by automating repetitive processes within your business workflow. Thanks to Microsoft Power Automate, you can do away with manual data entry and push data seamlessly between separate systems.