Identifying your remote workflow needs

The world is a challenging place to live at the moment. Whether that be on a personal level, financial level, or a business level. Covid has forced us all to change the way we live our daily lives, our days’ work is no exception. Many businesses have been forced to make a rapid transition to remote working.

Some are managing a completely remote workforce, this requires a multitude of new business processes and very enhanced IT support to enable smooth collaboration and communication between remote teams.

Follow these best-practice methods for better IT management for remote working, you will begin to utilize the tools and flourish in the remote work setting.


Identify tools essential for prolonged productivity

Many businesses that have made the transition to remote working would say the most important tool in its success is the collaboration tools you use.

Microsoft Teams is the tool to make collaboration and connectivity easy and effective when working remotely. It has all the qualities and features needed to adopt a good remote working infrastructure for your team. These qualities include:

  • Version control features
  • Automation capabilities
  • Ease of use (when IT competent or not)
  • Project/ event management, and scheduling features
  • Shared access to resources
  • Ability to implement granular access control
  • Secured authentication support
  • Real-time alerts and communication capabilities


Some individual tools that are necessary for the proper functioning of remote teams are provided by Microsoft Teams in one easy to use the application, these include:

  • Task management capabilities
  • File storage and collaboration options
  • Workflow automation
  • Communication tools like chat apps, video conferencing, screen sharing, and presentation capabilities

A good standard of communication is very important, a lack of good communication is a big reason behind project failures. Assumption can ruin any work-related activity. All involved in a project need to be able to communicate as and when they want/need to, to enable the project or task to be achieved.

Tools like Microsoft Teams offers you the flexibility required for remote working. Easy access, mobile device support platforms, and high availability make it one of the most flexible apps of its kind. Whilst doing this it allows you to integrate with mail services and manage projects from within the app, in turn allowing you to better manage your teams workflow.


Use employee feedback to identify workflow needs

Setting up a channel of communication within Teams to inform them and get feedback from them could help you implement better IT services and create a more effective infrastructure.

Asking them questions is important, ask them what tools they like and dislike using and for what reason and whether the IT approved tools fit their needs.

Your workers are, after all, the ones who are completing tasks and using these tools regularly, keeping the business running, so why wouldn’t you consult them?

Using the correct tools to enhance your workflow is important in the modern world of remote working. The businesses using tools effectively are going to thrive in a market forced into web services.


Get what you need from the cloud.

Netcom sees it as an obligation to take care of the IT among our local business community. We provide expert advice and guidance in helping you with your IT solutions and can help you identify and overcome any challenges in addressing your remote workflow needs. Contact the team today for free guidance on how to implement the best remote working practices among your team.



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