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How Data Science can Revolutionise Small Businesses – Benefits of AI

In our previous article we explored some of the most important advancements in technology and how they have revolutionised our lives in the modern world. This led us to take a closer look at some of the latest most revolutionary technological advancements ever – AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science.

We found that, even though the technology is branded revolutionary and ‘the future of businesses worldwide’, it is still within the reach of small businesses. We found that, with these technological tools in your organisation, you can place levels of reliance on your tech that you were never able to before, all with the confidence that it will get the job done to a better standard – and in a far more economically viable way – than before.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science in small businesses.


The benefits of AI to a small business:

Accurate decision making

AI allows decisions to be made digitally. No matter the circumstances technology will make the right decision for your business – allowing you to place your trust in it so much more than you ever could before. With a human team – as you know – this is not always the case.


Improved recruitment process

Smaller businesses traditionally don’t have their own HR department as these duties can be time consuming and very overwhelming. Now – with these new tools – you can place the task of HR on the capable shoulders of your technology. HR is a sector of business that will especially benefit from this new technology. With the help of technology like AI-enabled applicant tracking systems, you can create job searches and browse CVs to ensure you pick the very best applicant for the job every time, meaning you can offer a service to your customers that is of a higher standard and much more efficient.

AI can even take the tasks of interviews off your hands too – don’t worry – no, not with robot interviews but with questionnaires that are automated and conducted over the internet. You can then spend your valuable time in a better way – by only taking part in the final interview process with applicants that are potentially qualified to get the job. This also guarantees an unbiased selection process with guaranteed equal opportunities for all – technology has no preference.


Interaction whilst mobile

AI already influences your daily life – most predominantly via Mobile smartphones. Every Smartphone has a very high performing Microchip in it that allows end-users real-time abilities like translation and speech recognition. If you use these features correctly, you can projectile your business to heights you never thought were achievable. Regardless of the preferred language – or perhaps varying languages – of your customer base, with AI you can still communicate to a very good and professional standard.


Customer Service

No matter the industry you are in customer experience should be at the very top of your operational concerns – whether you employ 1, 10, or 1000 employees, that is still the most important thing and the fastest way to success. AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science is revolutionising the way we view customer support, because effectively responding to the concerns of your customer base will be much easier and achieved to a considerably higher standard. You will be able to handle complaints and queries more effectively with Machine Learning and AI; most are script driven, with chatbot technologies as standard, which allow you to still be the helping hand and (most importantly) the experts whether you are present personally or not. It also builds engagement with your target audience.



Cyber security concerns have risen to the top! Cyber criminals also have access to AI and will use it to cause problems – but you can utilise it to detect fraud, and software and apps can even learn from situations in order to make your digital environment a much safer place. AI will allow for better defensive strategies to be planned going into the future. With advanced levels of security, you can pass your confidence on to your customer base and a guarantee that their data is safe will go a very long way to increasing levels of trust.

We have barely scratched the surface with the capabilities of AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science. Explore its capabilities yourself and see whether it is the right technology for your organisation.


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