How Can you Comply with Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials

How Can you Comply with Cyber Essentials?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, the UK government launched the Cyber Essentials Scheme in 2014 in an effort to support organisations in enhancing the quality of their secure controls and to safeguard against the constantly evolving cyberthreat that we are all facing.

The five primary controls that make up the scheme are as follows:

Secure Configuration

For all of your hardware and software, you must choose and use the most secure settings. One approach to achieve this is by quickly erasing unused software and accounts and resetting passwords.

Access Control

Only people in your organisation who require access to a certain piece of information should have it, and then, to take it a step further, you must make sure that this is monitored and checked on a regular basis.

Software Updates

To ensure that they are secured against all the most recent vulnerabilities, you must make sure that your software and operating systems are updated frequently with the most recent patches.

Malware Protection

Any type of malware, such as computer viruses, spyware, botnet software, and ransomware, must be less likely to infect you. Making sure your anti-malware software is appropriately installed and only allowing reputable applications that pose a minimal risk of having malware will help you achieve this.


To analyse traffic trying to reach your network, you must employ firewalls to set up a “buffer zone”; firewalls will decide whether or not any traffic should be let to pass through the gateway to your data.

The sole difference between the two certification levels offered by the Cyber Essentials scheme is that the more comprehensive level ensures greater organisation protection. These are the two levels:

Cyber Essentials involves an online self-assessment questionnaire that is evaluated independently by a governing organisation.

Cyber Essentials Plus is fairly similar, but it needs a somewhat more thorough evaluation process to make sure that your cyber solutions meet the standards of the Scheme and that your IT infrastructure is secure as well.

To improve the security levels your organisation reaches, the scheme has just been modified and some of the standards have changed.

Why Were Changes Made?

Cyber dangers have developed and become more prevalent since they were first identified in 2014; as a result, changes had to be made to deal with their constant evolution and how we operate. To make sure that the programme keeps improving your security solutions, it is regularly reviewed.

The most recent version specifically reflects our growing use of and reliance on Cloud services, as well as the sharp rise in home and hybrid working that the epidemic brought about. If you want to keep your organisation secure, you must address the new security concerns that these changes have brought about.

For instance, the Scheme’s technical controls have been reviewed and strengthened, bringing a focus on multi-factor authentication and password management tools – enabling you to combat these evolving threats and remain secure. This is because there are an increasing number of attacks on Cloud services that use techniques to steal users’ passwords to access their accounts.


In conclusion a lot of complying with Cyber Essentials revolves around keeping your business safe with various safety features being required to be put in place. Some of the rest of it is confidentiality in the company and not giving everyone at the company access to every piece of data or information the company has access to. So, complying with Cyber Essentials is probably something that will also help your business to be more secure.


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Cyber Essentials