Getting More Value From Tech to Increase Profit FT

Getting More Value From Tech to Increase Profit

You must force every morsel of value out of the tools at your disposal, and tech should be at the very top of that list. A new reason to be sure you achieve value is that Microsoft are increasing their pricing for their 365 subscriptions. Some have reacted to this as quite a shock as it is the first substantial commercial price rise since Microsoft’s launch way back in November of 1990!

Many consider this announcement to be a little insensitive during these unsettling times we are living in, but Microsoft have attempted – and in our opinion succeeded – in justifying these increases in price. Microsoft have continually added to the value that their arsenal of tools offers to their subscription holders. Think about the changes that have been made over the last few decades – it’s safe to say that some of those changes have revolutionised workplaces across the globe.


Why the increase in price?

As we said, Microsoft have massively increased the value offered from their products. For example, how long have you been using their tools for? Are they different to how they used to be? Are they any better?

Value is subjective to the user, of course, but all users would agree with us that over the years the Microsoft suite – and the tools we use daily – have massively increased in value through their extensive functionality and capabilities.

Microsoft aren’t being greedy; all Cloud providers are reviewing their prices. Cloud providers are switching their focus in an attempt to ensure maximum value to their customer base whilst ultimately guaranteeing that their price plans remain lucrative.

The details of the price increases are long winded, but, in simple terms, the increases are designed to guide you from an E3 bundle to an E5 bundle. We will now take a very brief look at these bundles:

  1. The E3 bundle – Comes with a full license to install the desktop version of Excel, Word, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher.


  1. The E5 bundle – Offers the same tools as the E3 bundle but comes with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection software as standard, which effectively guards your company against malicious threats in email messages, attachments, and links.

Microsoft are tactfully raising their prices in order to tempt you to purchase the E5 bundle, reducing the gaps between the E1 and E3 bundles. They have brought the prices of E3 and E5 closer together by increasing the price of E3 and keeping E5 the same, which has worked as expected by guiding people to skip over E3 completely and go straight for the full E5 package.


What you need to do before the price change

Assess the tools you have at your disposal, especially the ones you use most often – one of our IT professionals can help you do this; guidance on the process from the beginning is recommended. It is essential that you pinpoint the value that you and your team are managing to achieve in the 365 ecosystem – which proves or disproves the value that you are getting from your entire subscription. Know how long you have been using it for, whether you are likely to continue using it or are just beginning to use it, and whether the amount you expend in using it is justified.

Microsoft are justifying the price rises by highlighting the value their tools are delivering, but crucially they don’t want animosity around the price rises if they aren’t delivering value.


Microsoft customers aren’t achieving anywhere near the value that they should be from the suite – some are, but the numbers are few. Most business owners have tools in place from a variety of vendors – this is simply counterproductive because there isn’t any tool out there that Microsoft haven’t made a (usually better) alternative for – a tool that not just does the job but does it as part of a subscription you are already paying an additional sum for.

Most haven’t taken stock of the tools they and their team are using, or they have and are mortified that they are not achieving value from them. You can get help from a professional to advise you on what is the best course of action for you. You can make changes to your plan with Microsoft, or you can change the way that you are using the tools at your disposal to be sure that you do achieve maximum value from them. Involve a professional throughout the process for help – an expert on the subject can guarantee you squeeze every morsel of value from the platform.

It would be difficult to find a use for every tool in the Microsoft Suite as some are industry specific, but it is more than possible to use the RIGHT tools in the correct way – doing so can make all the difference to your team’s ability to perform – in turn improving your business.

It is great that Microsoft have already informed their users about the price change. Having time to prepare is a rarity – allowing you to spend the time you have being productive. You need to know you are getting the value you anticipated from the tools at your disposal. If you realise you aren’t, it is time to investigate why.

In the following article we will take a closer look at the Microsoft tools that can replace some of the alternatives you may be using. Knowing the Microsoft tools better may open your eyes as to what they are capable of, and using them will ensure you achieve value from your Microsoft subscription.



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