Cyber Defences for your SMB

Essential Cyber Defences for your SMB

Cyber security needs to take top spot in your list of business concerns in the modern age – and if it doesn’t something needs to change. Today’s tech is unlimited in its possibilities, and this has made it essential that you and your team have at minimum a beginner’s level of technical prowess, or knowledge of the potential risks to your system and the possible actions you can take at the very least.

Criminals have seen an opportunity that the internet has presented – it allows a level of anonymity that is particularly appealing to the criminal community which cannot be achieved when attacking somewhere physically.

Smaller businesses are usually victims of attacks through indirect means; some are unlucky enough to be the collateral damage of a large-scale attack and others could join the thousands of businesses every year that fall victim to a publicly launched attack.

The main reason that businesses become victims of cyber attacks is through a lack of knowledge about cyber attacks or the potentially disastrous consequences of a successful attack. We all do it – we open a new phone and go straight on it, but we don’t spend some time familiarising ourselves with the security features it has.

At the end of the day we all check our windows and doors, both at home and in-office – it is so automatic now that we don’t even think about why we are doing it, and this is how it should be in regard to the protection of your systems.

Cyber criminals don’t discriminate when picking their targets – this means that every organisation must have good standards of cyber security. We know that this is an apprehensive task for those that don’t know how to achieve this, so how can you adequately defend your systems if you have no idea what you are defending them against?

Unfortunately, some have literally no knowledge of the tools they need to implement to give them a chance of being cyber secure, the cost of what is perceived as a mammoth task, or what they are even defending themselves against. Don’t worry, read on – we outline what the biggest threats to your systems are.

The Methods of Cyber Attack


Malware is designed specifically to attack the functions of an application or the computer system itself. The most common form of Malware – and the type you are most likely to be a victim of – is email attachment Malware attacks known as (Phishing) attacks – more on this shortly.


Ransomware is one of the most common forms of Malware, which works by locking and encrypting your data. The cyber criminals will demand a ransom under the promise that they will safely return your access. They then – to force your hand – cleverly introduce a sense of urgency or some sort of time element into your actions to be sure that the payment is paid when demanded, and all is done under the threat of deletion of your files.

With this being said, of course, for most this is an anxiety-inducing experience, and they want it over as fast and as painlessly as possible, so can you blame people for just paying? Of course you can’t, but let me present you with another question; would you trust a criminal that breaks into your building physically if you were to come toe to toe with them? No, so why do you when they are in cyber space? Paying will, in fact, have the opposite to your desired effect as you are just advertising the fact that you are willing and able to pay them on demand.


A Phishing attack is when a cyber criminal takes on a false identity in a fake/fraudulent email in order to gain access to confidential information.

Phishing Emails carry malicious links which enable the cyber criminal’s attack. The cyber criminal will pose as a trusted source to the recipient (a bank, for example). Similarly to Ransomware attacks, they bring a sense of time sensitivity in the content of their message; by doing this they are attempting to force the recipient to make a decision quickly and with little forethought, because when we are rushed we act impulsively. The recipient would then click the link facilitating the attack, thereby proving the rouse was believed.

In our following article we will explore what you need to do to protect your systems from various cyber attacks. Take a look or contact our expert team and let us guide you through the options now.


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