The Easier Way to Describe Where you are!

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The Easier Way to Describe Where you are!

Netcom Technologies Sheffield or Vase.Limbs.Stared?

This probably makes it seem like I’m going crazy but not according to What3Words. What3Words or W3W for short are a London company that has developed a solution to trying to describe where you are without the need of a formal address. There are around 4 billion people around the world that have no good way of describing where it is they live. This can cause a problem when trying to send a parcel or letter but even more so is in an emergency situation.

How It Works

What3Words have created a solution that works by overlaying a grid of squares 3 meters by 3 meters over the globe and assigning each square a three word combination. So instead of my current location being: Lewis’s Desk, Netcom Technologies, Silverstamp House Sheffield, it becomes apple.upgrading.onions.
With this system it becomes easier to inform someone of a location, imagine you are at an event and need to tell a friend how to find you. Is it easier to tell them that you are between the burger stand and the toilets on the east side of the grounds under the big tree or to tell that the exact 3Mx3M square you are stood in?

Why is this such a good idea?

For most of us it would just be a convince and take the guess work out of situations like by previous example but for 75% of the world there isn’t an easy way for them describe where they live. This is because the addressing systems of such places are often inadequate, inconsistent or complicated meaning that around 4 billion people are invisible. This makes it extremely difficult for these people to report crime, receive aid or deliveries.

About the company

If you would like to read more about this amazing idea head over to and read all about the great things that this innovation will mean for the world and those 4 billion people.


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