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We help businesses reach the required standard to gain Cyber Essentials certification.

Offering organisations the knowledge and insights to reach compliance and governance through thought leadership.

Everything we do is about reducing the risk your business faces, and we have a range of services to help mitigate risk and protect your business.


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Cyber Essentials

Comprehensively and continuously secure your business to government-lead standards within the Cyber Essentials scheme.

Security Training

The 'human firewall' is the first defence against threats. Increase your team's awareness with training & simulations.

GDPR Compliance

Protect your data and comply to regulatory obligations across GDPR, PCI DSS and other industry specific legislation.

Dark Web Monitoring

Actively seek out vulnerabilities by monitoring credential leaks on the dark web. Keeping your defences the step ahead.

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Are you struggling to reduce risks and remain compliant with rules and regulations? Cerberus helps to remove up to 95% of cyber threats with compliance monitoring, threat detection, defence and response.

What is Cyber Essentials?


For businesses, delivering and maintaining the highest levels of Cyber Security has never been so critical.  It is crucial that we not only protect our customers and users personal and financial data from hackers but also ensure our computers and systems are safe and protected from the myriad of cyber threats that can compromise systems and disrupt work.


SME’s, as well as Enterprise, are now a target for Cybercrime and the need to apply a recognised framework to reduce these risks has become more important than ever. This is why the UK Government and industry leaders created the ‘Cyber Essentials’ Certification.

The five key pillars of Cyber Essentials

Secure Configuration

Apply and maintain best practices to the setup and use of your IT infrastructure; from cloud services, to computers and your network equipment.

Patch Management

Consistently maintain security updates and system patches to ensure your network has the most up to date defences.

Firewalls & Gateways

Configure and monitor points of entry/exit from your network to permit only those persons and services authorised to exchange data.

Access Control

Control and grade permission-based access structure across all of your team members and the various technology tools they use day to day.

Malware Protection

Defend your endpoint devices from threats posed by numerous forms of malware, which are designed to mask themselves as legitimate software.

Learn about

Cyber Essentials Plus

The highest level of certification offered under the Cyber Essentials scheme, an official UK wide, government-backed certification that helps companies guard against the most common cyber threats and reduce your risk by at least 80%.

What is Security Awareness Training?

At Netcom, we have a range of service to protect your business and a key element is ongoing staff training and cyber behaviour development. This training offers.

Baseline Testing

Testing your staff to phishing emails and putting them in a phishing simulation.

Phishing Simulations

For your staff to see how they progress in avoiding phishing emails.

Educational Videos

Videos and distinctive tools to modify the behaviours of those invovled.

In-depth Reports

Helping you identify those that keep falling foul to threats and scams.

Invest a little in educating and training your staff to identify and respond to threats properly and you have created a human firewall in your organisation. 

The General Data Protection Regulations

Any business that captures data that can be used to identify an EU citizen, whether business or personal data, will need to comply, or face heavy penalties.


With the Information Commissioners Office now able to issues fines of up to £20 million, or 4% of global turnover. (The previous maximum fine for compliance failure was £500k) the risks for non-compliance are far greater.

Key Considerations for GDPR

Discover how GDPR will impact your business and insight into some of the key actions you will need to take as a business.


Key Considerations include:

The definition of personal data now goes deep even to IP address

Businesses not in the EU will still need to comply with rules

GDPR is a law – Not a guideline

Customers have the right to be forgotten and have data erased – and you only have 30 days to do it

Rules around the transfer of data outside of the EU are being tightened

You need to demonstrate/justify why they're keeping data and where and how this was obtained

The ICO has greater powers and can issue larger fines to businesses who fail to meet compliance requirements

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Dark Web Monitoring

Having a data breach or having data exposed has serious financial and reputation implications for your company.


The threat landscape has changed with cybercrime now exceeding organised crime in terms of revenue. Your data has value, whether you are locked out with a  Ransomware attack or having data stolen the results will be the same. Lost Revenue, reputation and a potential fine from the Information Commissioners Office.


Aside from the Malicious hackers and hacktivists looking to steal or lock your data, how much is your intellectual property worth?  Would your sales strategies and customer list be useful to a competitor?  It only takes one compromised password to allow access to your systems.

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