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Cyber Essentials – Patch Management

Cyber Essentials – The Objective

To ensure that devices and software are not vulnerable to known security issues for which fixes are available.

Keeping your devices and software up-to-date is of the utmost importance. If your devices aren’t equipped with the latest protection you are leaving yourself vulnerable to problems and potentially business-incapacitating damage to your computer systems. Presuming your devices are immune because they are at home is a big mistake!

Part of the reason that manufacturers release updates is for you, the consumer, to get more from your device with new features that improve its functionality. But this is not the only reason – their main function is to remedy any security vulnerabilities that have been discovered. Set updates to automatic whenever possible. A manufacturer will remedy security problems as soon as possible as it is beneficial to them that you get the most from your device in a secure way, and a security breach could mean you losing faith in the device or software and possibly in the manufacturer as well.

All IT has a lifespan. Technology is constantly changing and evolving – with new tech being produced every day. Manufacturers are constantly finding new ways to get the most out of your technology in the securest way possible.

But with these advancements in technology and, in turn the levels of security capable within your tech, Malware is evolving just as quickly. This means updates need to be regular. As inconvenient as this may seem, with the evolution of tech only increasing in momentum, it is essential to do them. If a device or software in your possession stops being supported by the provider, it is imperative that you consider purchasing a modern replacement as soon as possible to be confident that it is cyber secure. If not, the consequences could be dire.

For example:

You have an Apple iPhone. If the model is years old and has recently stopped being supported by Apple, it is in your best interest to get a newer model as, in the modern world, all our most personal information is stored at the touch of a button on our mobiles. Failing to update is the equivalent of leaving your back door open – you are not guaranteed to be attacked but the likelihood increases compared to your neighbour that has his door shut and bolted.


Cyber Essentials Accreditation – The requirements

Cyber Essentials requires you install updates within two weeks of their release if the vendor describes the patch as fixing flaws labelled ‘high’ or ‘critical’. Your software must be licensed, supported, and must up-to-date wherever possible. You must also remove all software from devices that is no longer supported.


We’re Netcom, we can protect your business

Do you want your business to prove it takes the right steps to protect the information held on behalf of your customers, and Cyber Essentials certification is a recognised step toward that. We at Netcom provide you with your Cyber Essentials certification upon passing and can guide you to ensure the pass as quickly as possible. Contact us now for more information.

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