A Thank you Gift for all our IT Support Customers

cyber attack defense this christmas

A Thank you Gift for all our IT Support Customers

Keeping you Safe at Christmas and Beyond
Every year the scale and complexity of Cyber Attacks on our customer’s businesses increase, with new innovative and complex ways to turn technology and malicious intent into a lucrative business model. Whilst no security is 100% secure, building layers of protection affords the best defence.

 A Thank you Gift for all our Customers  

We are pleased to have you as a customer and to say thank you we are giving you Crypto Prevent FREE for every PC and Server.  Valued at £20 per device, this helps protect against nasty ransomware infections, that can lock or destroy access to your files, should you not pay a ransom. It was estimated that in 2015 these types of cyber attack generated over £300 million for cyber criminals.

Sit Back and We’ll Take Care of it 

You don’t need to do anything…Over the coming weeks, we will automatically be deploying this across your supported devices. If for any reason, you would prefer us not to add this additional layer of protection, please get in touch on 0114 361 0062 or be emailing help@netcomtech.co.uk.

On behalf of the team at Netcom, we thank you for your continued support and business.

Best regards and Merry Christmas,

The Guys at Netcom.