Technology that will help always keep the lights on

Disasters are inevitable in businesses of all types. Whether that’s a power outage, a loss of internet connectivity, fire, flood or cyber security attack; at some point your business operations will be interrupted.


We provide a host of technical solutions that deliver peace of mind in keeping the lights on when all else fails. Our services provide reassurance for secure offsite data backup, speedy disaster recovery and business continuity – providing access, anywhere, anytime should your core IT infrastructure fail.


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Meet new working world challenges and empower your team with the support of the right tech tools, expertly tailored to your business operations.

What to expect

Fast Recovery

Recover any lost file, folder or your entire network swiftly following any loss, corruption or damage.

Keep Working

Should a disaster prevent you from working as normal, your IT infrastructure can be made available online in a flash.


Certain regulations may require you to have a comprehensive backup to restore sensitive data, if ever required.

Mitigate Loss

Protect against the risk of financial loss from your day to day operations being interrupted from a disaster.

Solutions that deliver peace of mind

Like an insurance policy that acts immediately in the event of a disaster striking, having comprehensive, professional backup, disaster recovery and business continuity services in place will help protect your business by mitigating loss of time and money, and ultimately, protect your livelihoods.

Data Backup

Backup all of your files, databases and digital assets securely to the cloud, on an automated daily schedule, behind military grade encryption. Easily and quickly recover any single file or your complete network.


If you are obliged to archive copies of all of your correspondence, you require the support of Compliance Hold. This services will permit the storage and recovery of every single item, forever; from your email, contacts, tasks or calendars.


Working from the cloud doesn't ensure you are protected against the threat of file loss, system failure or corruption. We can separately backup all of your cloud based data and services.

IT Failover

Should the IT services you rely upon day to day fail entirely, our business continuity service has a secondary infrastructure in-place for near immediate failover; keeping your team online and productive following the worst of any disaster.

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