Being an Apprentice at Netcom

Being an Apprentice at Netcom

As an apprentice I have many roles at Netcom, some of which can be quite challenging. My main role at Netcom to respond to customer inquiries and help resolve any issues they may have with their IT. Most of the time when people call there is often something that I can do to help, occasionally I can’t help, so I gather as much information as I can from the caller and pass this on to an engineer so that they can help resolve the issue.

Much like my predecessor another of my roles here is to keep an eye on our eCommerce site and process our orders taken via Amazon. This took a while to master, as the portal for a seller on amazon isn’t as user-friendly as the buyer portal.

Among the many other roles I have at Netcom, perhaps the most important one is that of tea maker. Being the tea maker is quite a lot of pressure making sure everyone’s drink is the way that they like it.

All in all, I really enjoy being an apprentice at Netcom, everyone here is helpful and kind. If there is something I can’t help with instantly over the phone I pass it along to other engineers but they don’t then just deal with the issue they teach me how to do it, so that next time I can deal with it there and then and resolve faults straight away.

By Lewis Wilkinson