Are you getting full value from 365?

With a rise in prices set to come in early 2022, now’s the time to ask yourself, how often do we use it? Are we likely to use it again? Does this tool get used enough to justify spending on it?


Only a small percentage of businesses are utilising all of the value the platform has to offer.


The sooner you can pinpoint this answer, the more money you may be able to save.

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Why Assess the Situation? 


Most Microsoft customers aren’t using all the tools they have at their disposal, most have tools all over the place from a variety of different vendors – this is silly, Microsoft almost definitely have an alternative that could be used as part of an existing subscription.


Being familiar with your tools is the most important step when it comes to getting the proper potential and full value from them. Changes can always be made with your Microsoft plan, and with more alternatives than ever, understanding how things work can save you money.


> Microsoft’s Business Premium.

Introduced in early April, and unknown to many MSPs, Business Premium offers the Enterprise Utility Suite, Shared Computer Activation (Remote Desktop) and upgrading to Windows 10 for those who haven’t yet.


> Get what you pay for.

We’ll help you find the right product and plan for you making sure you’ll get exactly what you paid for.


> Training your staff.

With how naturally integrated programs such as Word, Excel & Teams have gotten, making sure your staff understand the basics is mandatory to get the most production and value out of your subscription.

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