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A Digital Transformation – What is it?

Technology has rapidly become the driver for growth in business all over the world. Its presence in our lives – both in a business sense and otherwise – is continually expanding and is showing no signs of slowing down. Technological advancements over the last decade have been enormous – some of these have allowed remote working to become possible, which came in handy during the height of the pandemic for businesses everywhere.

No, recent years haven’t been the most positive ones, but the main realisation that came from it all was that business owners have now come to see that technology – if used correctly – has the power to take their businesses to new levels of productivity and efficiency, in turn revolutionising their workplace.

What is a Digital Transformation?

A Digital Transformation involves adopting different digital technology with the intention of improving services or businesses by replacing manual processes and older digital technology with modern, capable, technologies.

Don’t just go out and buy the first expensive new technology that you find though – take your time and consider the impact that you want it to have on the way you do business, both in an operational sense and a compliance one. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do one at all, as not doing one could have an equally bad effect on your business as doing one incorrectly – the quality of service you can give customers, staff performance and general well-being could all be affected; therefore, it is essential that you get it just right.

Take a moment to dissect your own organisation into its essential component parts, and to understand what makes your organisation tick. It is also beneficial to understand how others in your industry conduct business and compare their daily challenges to your own. Once having done this you will be able to choose the digital solution that is right for your business and the way you and your team work to carry out your tasks day-to-day.

The challenges you face on a daily basis

The challenges you face daily will be completely unique to you and your team. You can, of course, look to others in your industry for guidance but that will only give you an idea – your own organisation will be unique, so it is imperative that you take your time to get to know your own business as thoroughly as you can.

The care of sensitive information

Whatever business you are running, you are going to have information on your clients, usually in the form of contact numbers, bank details, and personal addresses – these highly sensitive forms of information are entirely your responsibility to protect, keep safe, and monitor the use of. The care of your sensitive data should be at the very top of your business concerns – do not make errors when it comes to other people’s data, as you could be in serious trouble if you don’t use it or look after it properly.

Regulatory and compliance obligations

Every industry has standards they have to operate to, such as the requirements of the regulatory body that you need to adhere to at all times. You must have the correct tools in place to guarantee that you stick to them.

Unfit traditional IT

Dated IT equipment has the power to seriously stunt the growth of your business, because you will be, unintentionally perhaps, forcing your organisation to continue working with practices that aren’t as efficient as they could be. Traditional IT wasn’t catered to specific business sectors, meaning that some practices aren’t even designed with your organisation in mind and, therefore, won’t make things quicker, easier, or more productive. What’s the point in having an outdated system that slows down production and prevents your company from moving forward?

An unequipped team

Your team need IT that is capable of making their jobs easier and more efficient. There is no point in having IT within your organisation that makes their jobs more difficult or complicated than they need to be – the whole point of spending money on the IT in your organisation is to make things run more smoothly not make things harder for your team.

Now you know what a Digital Transformation is and the first steps to undertaking one, in the following article we will explore the benefits of a Digital Transformation and what the options are to help you with your decision.


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