A Day in The Life of a Technical Engineer

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A Day in The Life of a Technical Engineer

Our Technical team are the heart of the company and the emergency service that keep our customers working.  So, what is it like to be an engineer at Netcom? And what does an average day look like?

To find out, we asked one of our support engineers, Liam, to tell us a little about his role and what a day can look like for him.

Q: What Does a Day Look Like To You?

I start my day by checking the system for any critical notifications or problems that need to be prioritised. Like the A&E department at the hospital, I need to triage the challenges and set priorities, based on how these will impact a business and then work to resolve them.  Having worked for other IT companies, here we are quite lucky as we don’t get many major challenges, we do however, spend a lot of our time monitoring and updating things to keep them on top form.

After resolving any challenges, I often have project work that needs to be done. These jobs are varied such as, helping with Office 365 migrations or new installations. They also include things like checking the Backups have run and fixing laptops.

However, priority for my role is always on resolving any customer challenges that may arise.

Q: What Kind Of Issues Do You Deal With?

Everyday can be different, but many of the problems I see are often the same. such as, forgotten passwords, printer problems, misplaced files or more serious incidents around Cyber Security that need investigating. However, a lot of my time is spent updating and monitoring devices, so they don’t go wrong in the first place.


Q; What Kind Of Things Do You See Around Cyber Threats?

These types of incidents are becoming more frequent,  I have seen a big increase in Phishing emails and luckily people spotting them before clicking anything. We have a strong security offering here and always strive to educate our customers about such risks. However, its always best to be vigilant and check things that seem suspicious.

Q; How Does You Role Help People?

Our role is to help people work better by keeping their devices working and trying to ensure things don’t go wrong in the first place. If things do go wrong it can be frustrating for people and I am here to help remove the stress and pressure.  If I don’t have the skills to resolve the challenge myself,  this will be escalated to one of my colleagues who has greater knowledge and skills. It is also important, that I call back customers to keep them updated with the progress of any challenge that has arisen.

Ultimately, my job is to keep customers stress free and happy when technology creates problems.

Q: What Are The Worst Things About Your Job?

Some people in the office can’t make a good “Cuppa” and that’s pretty bad.

Q: What Do You Enjoy the Most About Your Job?

I love the friendly atmosphere in the office and the fact that everyone is prepared to be hands on and muck in.  It can sometimes be pressurised at work, but that’s the nature of any job. I also really like the fact  my role is varied, and I can get involved in lots of different things, not just support challenges.

If you would like to start a career in Technology and want to be part of a great team.  get in touch by emailing your CV to hr@netcomtech.co.uk